All I want is a proper cup of coffee

There’s nothing like a bold cup of coffee with warm, frothy milk to start the day. And there’s nothing like a funny song to make you smile.

So here is a silly song about coffee, and a latte in a mug.

I make espresso on the stove. It takes only a few minutes once the water starts boiling. You can hear the espresso push up into the top of the vessel and the loud whoosh at the end lets you know it is time to take it off the burner.

Make sure to set the espresso maker on the edge of the burner with the handle facing outward so it doesn’t get too hot. That also helps keep the handle from eventually melting off.

While the coffee is brewing, heat about half a cup of milk in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Pour it into the glass beaker and pump to make milk firm and fluffy.

Add sugar or sweetener to your mug (if desired) before you pour the milk into a mug. Pour espresso into the mug after the milk, being careful to pour in just one spot to avoid melting the froth.



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