Lentil soup warms the soul, fills the stomach

Even though we don’t have much of a winter here, a good, hearty soup is always called for when feeding lots of hungry people. I occasionally find it challenging to prepare a meal for people who traditionally eat meat, but this lentil soup is satisfying, so they usually don’t notice it is vegan. And I […]

What can you do with edamame?

I recently went to a Purim party at our local Jewish temple. I’m not Jewish, but I have Jewish friends, so I attend events with them on occasion. This was my first Purim party. It was silly and fun. But one thing I walked away with was a great new love for edamame. I had […]

I am a fan of beetroot hummus

I love roasted beets, but they have such a distinct, robust flavor that I often find it difficult to pair with other foods. Still, I like to try recipes that highlight this amazing vegetable. Beetroot is full of nutrients without a load of calories or fat. The roots and greens can both be used. It […]