I have a new love in my life: Roasted fennel

I’ve used fennel in many dishes, mainly soups and salads, but I never cooked it as a dish on its own until I discovered a recipe for roasted fennel that I just had to try. It’s very simple yet so exotically delicious. I could make a meal of it. Fennel has a very strong and […]

Strawberries add nice twist to mimosas

I love mimosas. Not just on Sundays. I like them any day of the week. So when somebody suggested making them with strawberries, I couldn’t resist making some myself. Strawberry mimosas 1 pint strawberries 1/2 cup sugar 1/4 cup water 1 bottle of sparkling wine I used organic  sugar and strawberries grown in Mississippi, and a decent sparkling […]

Today was an omelette kind of day

After 3 1/2-hour road trips each way and an 8-hour day of video training yesterday I was still exhausted this morning. When I finally got around to making something for breakfast (brunch really), I was hungry! So I made an avocado and cilantro omelette with a slice of toast made from sprouted-grain bread and butter, […]

Try this black bean hummus recipe

I’ve been experimenting with a lot of different hummus recipes, changing out the main ingredient and seasonings that make fun and delicious new dishes that are nothing like the traditional Mediterranean dish. What probably should have been obvious didn’t hit me until I was roaming the pantry looking for something to make to bring to […]