What on Earth do you do with a chayote?

Anybody who knows me knows to expect me to come up with something unusual. That doesn’t mean it’s always good. Just unexpected and different. I was feeling pretty playful when I walked into the Asian market to get some Thai basil and a few other things when I spotted the chayote. It was calling my […]

Brighten your table with mashed kabocha squash

  I found this winter squash at one of our farmers markets, and fell in love with its sweet simplicity. Kabocha is bright and colorful, and makes a brilliant addition to the dinner table, and can be served as a hearty side dish instead of mashed potatoes. Kabocha looks very similar to buttercup squash, but […]

Guacamole is a treat to share with friends

Avocados are one of my favorite foods. I go through phases where I will eat one every day. I love the creaminess, the vibrant color. Second best to eating them as they are is turning them into guacamole, made with fresh ingredients and served fresh. It’s best served with friends.