It’s fall, so time to bake some apples

Even though apples are plentiful year round, fall seems to be the time put them to use. Apple pie, apple pancakes — you know, all that sweet goodness served piping hot. A friend on Google+ showed me an apple sandwich that I thought was beautiful. It was layered with dried fruit and nuts and other […]

We finally had a good rain

It’s been a very dry summer. We haven’t had a lot of the typical tropical rain in the afternoons. My little garden hasn’t produced much of anything this year, and there have been very few wildflowers spotted on my daily walks.

What do you do when you wake up with a craving?

I don’t know about you, but when I wake up with a craving for something, I usually have to have it. The thought won’t go out of my head until I am enjoying the taste that called to me from my dreams. For a few days I had the thought of fresh green beans in […]