I made Brussels sprouts instead of cabbage on New Year’s Day


I wanted to do something different on New Year’s Day instead of the traditional black-eyed peas and cabbage. I already shared the recipe for black-eyed pea falafel.

I found this recipe for Brussels sprouts, and substituted pecans for walnuts since that’s what I had in the cupboard. http://theshiksa.com/2013/11/12/roasted-brussels-sprouts-with-pomegranate-molasses I have store-bought pomegranate molasses, so I used that instead of making my own (recipe for pomegranate molasses: http://theshiksa.com/2011/09/07/pomegranate-molasses/).

The dish has a nice balance of sweet, tart and savory, and has layers of textures, from the crunchy nuts to the pop of the pomegranate kernels.

Here’s how I made it:

Brussels sprouts with pomegranate

1 pound Brussels sprouts, halved

1 tablespoon olive oil

Kosher salt (I used about 1/2 teaspoon)

1 cup toasted pecan halves (about 1/2 cup chopped)

1/2 cup pomegranate seeds

2 tablespoons pomegranate molasses

Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Toss the Brussels sprouts in olive oil and place in a single layer in a large ceramic baking dish. Sprinkle with kosher salt. Roast for 20 to 25 minutes. In the meantime, place pecans in a separate baking dish. Drizzle with olive oil and bake for about 5 minutes. Chop lightly. Toss Brussels sprouts and pecans in pomegranate molasses, then add pomegranate kernels and serve.


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