About me

My name is Lici. I am a journalist living in south Mississippi. My work and my life have taken me places off the beaten path, so I’ve had lots of opportunities many people haven’t. I’ve seen and done things I never thought I would — and sometimes would never want to do again. I had hoped to share some of these stories to “entertain, educate and enlighten,” but many of my friends and followers think I should post my recipes here, so I will share those, and on occasion share the stories that inspired the recipes or made me who I am today.

I am a pescatarian, which means I eat fish and seafood as well as eggs, dairy and vegetables. That said, I try to eat mostly vegan, adding eggs, dairy and fish when I get a craving for it.

I am an art and music lover. I seem to find myself enjoying art that is unpolished — providing an honest  point of view. As far as music goes, I run the gamut. I enjoy listening to everything from classical to pop, punk to Motown.

I care very much about social responsibility. Some of my main concerns include pollution, conservation of resources, women’s issues, human rights and animal cruelty. Although passionate about what I believe in, I try not to be overwhelming and annoying.


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