It’s cold outside, so let’s make chili

It started out a mild, sunny day, but by afternoon a brisk wind picked up and continued to blow through town. I guess it is still winter, after all. I was hungry and cold after a long day at work and a trip to the dog park. So I whipped up this quick black bean […]

Louisiana strawberries, sweet and natural

I think after nearly a week of eating mostly carbohydrates during the long days of tornado recovery, I am craving fresh fruit. I had a blood orange for breakfast, and now I am enjoying Louisiana strawberries for lunch. Louisiana strawberries are out early this year – I guess because we¬†basically had no winter. The season […]

Baking bread the old-fashioned way

This week I am showing students at USM how to report without pen and paper – the wonderful world of digital technology. We will also be working on putting together social media projects – reporting – using computers and mobile devices. Before heading off to the university this morning, I tried to make another loaf […]