Tribute to Ed Blake

My friends Robert and Stephen are some of the kindest and most brilliant people I know. They are well-loved by many, and for good reason. Not only are they creative artists, they have good taste in art. The exhibits they show at their Gallery Rx are few, but they are very selective, and well worth […]

Oil spill: Gone but not forgotten

The oil well at the center of the BP-Deepwater Horizon oil spill was finally and hopefully permanently capped off yesterday. To my surprise, the US Fish & Wildlife Service already has removed its oil spill response section off its home page. I say I am surprised because even though the well is capped, there is […]

Crazy day for news

I don’t often make lunch plans because in my line of work I have to be prepared for the unexpected. Today I had lunch plansĀ  – an early treat for my friend’s birthday – but had to cancel them for the day. At least she knows that this is how things go, and I think […]